Michal's Boots & Shoe Repair - Footwear | Osseo, MN
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Shoe repair Shoe repair Shoe repair

Got a damaged shoe? Let us fix it. Call us at


We repair any damage

To your favorite pair of shoes

Get your favorite shoes repaired with no muss and no fuss at Michal's Boots & Shoe Repair

If you've got a pair of shoes that you absolutely love but has been damaged, we want you to know that you don't have to throw it away. Bring your shoes to Michal's Boots & Shoe Repair where we can fix almost any type of damage to your shoes.

What our skilled craftsmen do

We can replace any heel

  • Full leather soles

  • Replace heel liner

  • Rebind heel counter

  • Replace missing tassels

  • Refinish leather

  • Repair minor rips

  • Waterproofing, Dye, re-whitening

  • Fix shanks

  • Replace elastics

  • Add lifts

  • Welting

  • Repair stitching

  • Rubber

  • English

  • Leather

  • Vibram lug

  • Foam rubber

  • Cowboy boot

Stop in and save now. For each $25 you spend on repairs, we give you $5 off with a FREE polish. You can't beat that deal!

  • Replace broken heels

  • Insert heel liners

  • Replace Insoles

  • Replace boot zippers

  • Replace elastic

  • Cut down boot

  • Stretch boot across calf

  • Resize boot

  • Raise / lower heel

  • Replace heel

  • Alter boot to specific size

  • Replace corking

We can raise or lower the heels of your shoes as well.